Five Days to Start a Lifelong Journey

It's all about showing up. In just five days, we'll cover the below and more during our free JumpStart program. You'll collaborate with us to earn a job with one of our employer partners across different industries.

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Resume Building

Your resume is often the first impression an employer has of you. We'll help you create one that stands out above the rest.

  • Highlighting your accomplishments
  • Elevating your unique skills and experiences
  • Crafting your work history 
  • Obtaining relevant references
  • Employer partner preference

Mock Interviews

Building your confidence through one-on-one practice interview sessions to prepare you for the real thing and help you grow.

  • Creating a great first impression and receiving constructive feedback
  • Answering role-related and life questions
  • Improving communication skills and reducing stress before a job interview

Life Coaching

We'll guide you towards a sustainable job and help you overcome barriers related to housing, transportation and education.

  • Myers-Briggs™ personality assessment for best-fit workplace
  • Financial management and literacy 
  • Behavioral counseling 
I participated in the JumpStart program and in just 5 days, my life has changed. Desiree Jones
Through the help of the coaches, I can see a way out of my current situation and into a job that will help me provide for my family. Jay Smith
Without them I couldn't have done this by myself but I knew I had to make a change. I'm looking forward to my future. Oh and did I mention the program is FREE?! Taylor Wilkinson

Transform your future in just 5 days - at NO cost to you!